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Top 3 tips to improve your website’s effectiveness

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Having a well ranked and beautiful website is wonderful but, what is even better is to have a site that works for you. By “works”, we mean it actually does exactly what you want it to do. For some, it may be increasing online sales in their shopping cart, for others it may be to increase phone calls at their office, for some it can be to have visitors spend a long time browsing their pages, and so forth. Every site owner has specific goals for their website. In order to know if your site is effective or not, you must first know what your online goals are.

=1= Why do you have a website?

Beside the fact that everybody is online searching for goods, services, and information, having a website is something your clients will expect from your company or organization.

Now that you have a website, what would you want it to do for you? If this is related to revenue, you have to define how you will know if the site is creating new revenue for your business.

If your site is more about providing information, preferably you would want great traffic but also would want those visitors to spend quality time on the site.

Whatever your answer, think about which page(s) you would prefer your visitors to visit and in which order. Of course make sure that those “goal” pages have the value required to be effective both in textual content, visual impact, message and calls-to-action.

=2= How do you collect website information?

Simple make sure you have GoogleAnalytics properly installed in all pages. GoogleAnalytics is easy to understand and analyze, and yes it is still free. There are many other programs out there but understand that most are using GoogleAnalytics as their back-end engine and just render the exact same data but in a prettier format, nothing more. So why pay when you can have the same valuable data at no charge?

You may also add a heat map on important pages to assess where visitors place their cursors most often.

=3= How do you adapt to your findings?

Once a month, you should spend a couple of hours reviewing your analytic data and see where visitors come from, which page do they arrive at, which page do they go to next, how long they are staying on a page, and finally which page do they exit your website from. After a few times, you will become accustom to understanding the information. It is not very complicated, it just requires a bit of your time.

If you notice that your visitors are not going to the pages or sections you would prefer them to be going to, then you have to re-assess your site’s organization, calls-to-actions, internal links, message, and even the visual aspect of your website. Is it too complicated and busy? Is your message hidden? Are you not being assertive enough about telling visitors what they should be doing next? Etc.

It is very common for site owners to fear being rude by telling visitors what they should be doing. The truth is most visitors will welcome guidance on what action they should take. A Buy Now button clearly indicates where to make a purchase. A Find Out More or Visit This Link are also clear indicators. Visitors are on your site because they have a need they think you can help them with. So help them!

If you see the data getting better each month, then you are doing something right and you should put more effort into it to increase the speed of return. It may due to a recent online marketing campaign with a specific social media platform, a new color scheme you just introduced to your site, … whatever it is, keep doing it.

So again, having a strong website is not brain surgery: It is to be beautiful, well ranked, and do exactly what you want it to. For a candid discussion on this matter, do not hesitate to call us in California at 707-794-9999.

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