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Is your server ready for PHP 7?

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Did you receive a notice from your hosting provider that your server is now able to accept  PHP 7 or PHP 7.1? Are you confused and not sure what it means?

Before you agree and upgrade, you need to make sure your current website is able to accept this higher level of PHP coding.

PHP is a type of code used primarily to facilitate communications between your web pages and your database. If you are using WordPress for instance, your site is using php. If any of your page links end with “.php”, again your site is using PHP. If you are unsure, the first place to start is with your webmaster. Inform him or her that your hosting provider is able to upgrade your server to 7 version.

Upgrading to the newest PHP version available is always best but most sites will need to be adjusted first. Some might not be at all compatible without  significant changes. This is especially true for large database websites such as membership or eCommerce sites. It is important to move carefully otherwise you take a chance of your entire site breaking.

If you have questions about your site and PHP 7, regardless if we designed it or not, do not hesitate to contact us. After all, our team specializes in PHP.

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